From your back office to our boardroom.

Welcome to OTPro

OTPro delivers a professional Procurement Shared Service. Our blue print business model is designed to deliver a new age buying solution for Corporate buyers. We believe Buying should be simple and the cost of buying should be minimal. Our customers experience total cost reduction, speed to market and contribute to localised economies.

What We Do

OTPro is a Procurement and Supply Chain Management Out-Tasking Service Provider. We pride ourselves on increasing purchasing efficiencies by transforming South African businesses so that together with our client, “We make their spend count”. We operate as an International Purchasing Office (IPO), providing support to purchasing departments and organisations by delivering scalable out-tasked procurement solutions, both nationally and internationally to customers across multiple industries and sectors.

Our Values are our culture

The people in our business are really what drives the way we deliver value to our customers.  Everyone on our team is committed to the same core value system that determines how we conduct our business every day.


We understand the trust our clients put in us is earned by being honest advisers and acting in the best interest of our clients, whether we’re designing solutions, negotiating pricing and SLA, managing implementation to a schedule, or simply communicating with our client counterparts. The personal integrity of each team member and the transparency that is evident in every facet of our methodology is what maintains our long-lasting client relationships.

Value Creation

Our job is to make our customer’s and suppliers job easier, save them time and save them money. Our blue print procurement model caters for easy adoption across sectors and industries and suited for all businesses. "Making your spend count” is part of our culture. We aim positively impact our customers, suppliers and the greater economy.


We pride ourselves in achieving excellence and therefore promote a culture of excellence, every time. We use our innovation, our vision and our staff to provide outstanding leadership, technology, implementation and support to our clients. We always ensure continual compliance and the highest standards in quality and service provision.


We are the enablers between the people, process and technologies. Although Procurement technology has exploded with offerings over the past decade, organisations have built solid processes and enabling technology however the human capital and procurement transformation have actually become scarce and valued tools.

Our Services

We operate as an international purchasing office (IPO), providing support to purchasing departments/organisations and deliver scalable out-tasked procurement solutions to clients With the current economic environment surrounding businesses, Procurement has become a necessity and not just an alternative in managing spend. It is actually by looking at a business’ purchased items where one can generate real savings. In a typical business, the value of goods purchased ranges from 50-80% of the total operating costs. Our offerings include:

Online Procurement Catalogue

Our hybrid Purchasing Platform leverages the purchasing power to obtain savings from vendors based on the collective buying power and negotiated savings, therefore decreasing bottom line spend whilst supporting and achieving South Africa’s (SA) drive to increase local production within the economy and by increasing BEE spend.

Procurement Leverage

Although Procurement technology has exploded with offerings over the past decade, organisations have built solid processes / enabling technology however the challenge lies in human capital (procurement expertise) and procurement transformation. OTPro’s strategy is to combine procurement expertise (people), technology, processes and innovation to deliver solutions that add value to our customers’ businesses.

Bottom Line Savings

In effect we are able to rationalise spend that is typically viewed as low/no priority and transform it into a competitive edge for the organisation by maximising their preferential procurement and enterprise supplier development and still achieve bottom line savings all through our robust platform…

BEE Leverage

OTPro is a 100% Black Women and Youth Owned Company, with a Level 1 BEE status rating and a 135% procurement recognition. In addition to this we are an Emerging Micro Enterprise (EME), an Empowering entity.

Coupled with both the South African private & public sector expertise we are able to use our vast knowledge of local and global markets in order to offer the right expertise to African organisations.

Procurement Future

More South African organisations are starting to recognise the value that procurement transformation brings to the bottom line. As businesses continue to look for new, creative cost-cutting tactics, they should not forget to focus on basics - what is actually being purchased and expensed across the entire organization. Shifting-to- new-process-and-technology through a combination of procurement expertise and transformational initiatives provides a competitive advantage in that the entire source-to-pay process is efficient and highly collaborative. As you can see Our Business Model caters for this.

Re-affirming Value to an Organisation

Out-Tasking Procurement Solutions do more than just cut the price of supplies. We reaffirm the value to an organization: We act as trusted advisers to top management / We help to drive supplier innovation / We provide fresh insights into key supplier data / We help to manage and alleviate supply-chain risk / We promote “agile staffing” and talent development.


From your back office to our boardroom.

About OTPro

OTPro is an International Procurement Office offering end-to-end procurement shared services to corporates in different sectors and industries. It is a platform for small to large customers to mutually benefit by leveraging on reduced buying cost. This platform interconnects Large suppliers with smaller businesses to drive innovation, collaboration, enterprise development and positive change.

With more than 12 years of experience in corporate strategic sourcing, OTPro is the solution developed to address existing and foreseen challenges in corporate buying. We are passionate about making buying simple and fast while maximizing the value of money spent to effect bottom line saving and contribute positively to the economy.

OTPro aims to reengineer the way corporates today make their buying decisions, supported by suppliers with the right drive, passion and sense of accountability to achieve results for You, our customers.

Meet The Founder

Reshika Ramlal


Reshika Ramlal is the founder of OTPro. She has more than 14 years’ experience in Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain Leadership roles. She has served many blue chip organizations in South Africa like Citigoup, ABSA, Standard Bank and Telkom.

Her core focus has been reducing costs while increasing operational efficiencies to drive optimal procurement delivery. Her expertise in building and maintaining Stakeholder relationships resulted in transforming business’ view of procurement from a “Back office support function” to a “Strategic Business Partner”. Her proficiencies lies in understanding portfolios of spend across industries, Procurement operating model design. She has lead and managed group change projects successfully.

OTPro is the byproduct of her entrepreneurial spirit, her passion for encouraging Enterprise and supplier development and her strategic ability to transform challenges into opportunity. Reshika naturally leads by example and inspires those around her share the same passion for customer experience, performance and innovation.

“We all are leaders. We demonstrate this in the form of being parents, a coach, in a job or in leading our lives. I once accepted a challenge to list the things that could be improved if I did something to improve it...Never did I imagine that task one day culminating into OTPro! A shared service brand that is changing the way we procure, creating opportunity and delivering innovation in Supply Chain” – Reshika Ramlal

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